Brain Function in the Lead-Up to Alzheimer’s Disease

Medical consultant Dr. William Leach maintains a private practice in Longwood, Florida. With a medical career spanning more than 30 years in the state of Florida, Dr. William Leach is highly trained and skilled in the treatment of complex geriatric diseases.

Patients exhibiting symptoms of Alzheimer’s Disease may remain unaware that their brains have likely experienced toxic changes over the course of a decade before the symptoms of Alzheimer’s Disease began to appear. Amyloid plaques are structures that exist between the brain’s nerve cells, and neurofibrillary tangles are tangles of fibers that result from abnormal protein deposits. When the brain produces an abnormal amount of these plaques and tangles, it can disrupt and hinder the nerve cells’ normal communication processes, which may result in the onset of Alzheimer’s Disease.

The compromised nerve cells die once their communication processes have ceased. As they die, patients may experience memory failure, changes in personality, or problems with normal daily functions. The amyloid plaques and tangles remain a topic of research: Although it is now clear that brains affected by Alzheimer’s typically contain a higher quantity of tangles and plaques in particular regions, it is not yet clear whether they cause Alzheimer’s Disease or are produced as a result of the disease.

What is known is that physical exercise, mind based exercises and even daily significant amounts of coffee consumption will slow down or prevent the development of dementia.


ACAM Offers Certification in Chelation Therapy

A family physician with more than three decades of experience, Dr. William Leach currently operates a comprehensive private addiction medicine practice in northern Florida. Outside of his Florida-based practice, Dr. William Leach maintains memberships in several national organizations, including the American College for Advancement in Medicine, a nonprofit that educates health care professionals on the application of integrative medicine.

As a leader in education about heavy metal detoxification and therapy, the American College for Advancement in Medicine (ACAM) offers a training course for physicians, naturopaths, and nurses. The course includes a robust curriculum and hands-on lab work that provides participants the skills and knowledge needed to properly diagnosis and treat patients who have been exposed to toxins.

In order to be eligible for the course, an applicant must be a licensed medical doctor, naturopath, or nurse practitioner in good standing. Applicants who meet these criteria and complete the necessary course work are then required to take an exam that covers a wide range of detoxification topics. Successful candidates demonstrates their understanding of safe and effective treatment strategies.