Factors that Increase a Person’s Chances of Addiction Recovery

Dr. William Leach specializes in addition medicine and has treated patients at various Florida addiction and detox facilities. Currently, he works in central Florida as the medical director of the Darryl Strawberry Recovery Center. There, Dr. William Leach strives to help athletes along the road to recovery.

Rather than a one-time fix, recovery from drug or alcohol addiction is an ongoing process. This process is challenging, both physically and mentally. Experts recommend that individuals get treatment at a facility where they can be monitored by medical professionals. Once the individual detoxes safely and leaves the facility, the challenge is to stay clean. There are a number of factors that increase the likelihood that the individual will be successful in the long term.

Having a stable, emotionally healthy home and social environment is an important factor. It is more difficult for individuals to stay clean if their living environment is not safe, or if their friends and family are not fully supportive of the individual’s recovery. Additionally, a person in recovery should develop positive, active ties to the community. Whether this occurs through volunteering, employment, or creative hobbies, the individual should strive to develop a sense of purpose and a healthy outlook.


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