Dr. William Leach on Suboxone Medication Assisted Treatment of Opioid Dependency

A medication that combines naloxone and buprenorphine, Suboxone, is used to treat patients with opioid addiction and opioid dependency. The medication is designed to be taken only under the strict supervision of a fully qualified and experienced physician. Using Suboxone for the treatment of Opoid Dependency is called mediaction assisted treatment and goes hand in hand with counseling and other life saving Psycho Social interventional
approaches to drug dependency. All these treatments together foster the Self Awareness required to survive the life threating brain disease of addiction.
Suboxone received approval from the Food and Drug Administration specifically for its ability to be life saving in the treatment of patients with the brain disease of addiction whose brain’s drug of choice was opoids. Full details about the benefits and risks of the medication are available at Suboxone.com.

In order to become certified for medication-assisted treatment of opioid dependency, physicians must meet strict registration requirements of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services under the Drug Addiction and Treatment Act of 2000 (DATA 2000) and must submit to random inspections by the Drug Enforcement Administration. Physicians must also complete the proper education required in order to be able to prescribe this life saving medication. The American Society of Addiction Medicine is one organization which provides such education.

About the Author:

A licensed physician in Florida, Dr. William Leach has extensive experience with addiction medicine. Dr. Leach’s patient-oriented intervention services at his North Florida comprehensive private addiction medicine practice include suboxone maintenance and detoxification. In addition to taking the Suboxone prescribing education, Dr. Leach has completed an extensive post graduate fellowship training program at the University of Florida, Department of Psychiatry, McKnight Brain Institute, Division of Addiction Medicine. He is Board Certified in Addiction Medicine.